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By commissioning Realvues, clients agree to the following terms and conditions:

The contracting party (Client) wishes to contract Realvues (a DBA of Karen Lippowiths, LLC) to photograph a property for purposes of listing the Property for sale.  Client and Property Owner grant Realvues and its agents access and occupy the Property and all structures on the Property during the appointed day(s) and time(s) via key, lockbox code, or an appointed authorized person.

Client understands that all negatives and proofs are the property of Realvues as protected by U.S. Federal Copyright Law.  Realvues will seek legal remedy in case of infringement.   Client understands that Realvues reserves the right to display, publish, exhibit, sell, alter, or disseminate images in any way, including on its public web site, blog, and social media accounts, with no remuneration to Client, Property Owner, or any other party.   A 500% "non-disclosure" fee applies if Property Owner does not wish for Realvues to publicly display photos.  This does not alter copyright ownership.  Transfer of images to any third party including contractors (e.g., painters, landscapers, cabinet designers, etc.) is strictly prohibited and considered infringement. 

Photos may be used solely for the promotion of the Property on MLS and similar property sales web sites and for printed materials to market the Property "for sale by owner."  Usage rights are granted for the duration of the "for sale by owner" Property listing only and expire when the Property sells, delists, or lists with a Realtor ®.    Photos may not be listed on the MLS service without prior written authorization.  Realvues grants the Client limited licensed rights.  If the Client wishes to transfer the license to a Realtor ® other than one approved in writing by Realvues, a fee of 100% the amount paid applies.  Realvues will refund the amount paid only in the event that the Client lists the property for sale with an Realvues-approved Realtor ®.

Client warrants that the entire Property is safe to occupy and photograph.   Property Owner assumes responsibility for conduct of pets and children and for damage or breakage to equipment during shoot.   Pets must be crated or penned in an area where no work will take place.   Client and Property Owner hold Realvues and its agents harmless for injuries or damage sustained immediately preceding, during, and immediately following a shoot.

Payment is due at the time of delivery and may be made via credit card (MC / V / Amex / Discover).  Sorry, no checks or cash.  Under no circumstance will photos be released without full payment.

Realvues offers a "9-Point Guarantee."  Guarantee applies specifically to the elements outlined in these nine points. 

1.  A Realvues agent agrees to arrive no more than 15 minutes past a scheduled appointment time.  If the agent is more than 15 minutes late, a $10 credit is applied.
2.  A Realvues agent agrees to comport him or herself professionally, to wear appropriate business casual attire, and to treat all Clients with courtesy and respect.
3.  A Realvues agent agrees to work efficiently.  Properties require approximately 45-120 minutes to photograph, depending on size and condition.  It is expected that the Property shall be photo-ready upon arrival.   Realvues will not wait for staging or preparation to occur during the appointed time; a $50 return trip fee plus $10 per delivered image applies.  Realvues's sole responsibility is to photograph the Property.   Realvues does not offer staging or housekeeping services.  Properties will be photographed "as is." 
4.  Realvues agents agree to remove outdoor shoes upon entering Properties and will not bring food or personal effects onto the Property.  Realvues agents will take utmost care to leave the Property as it was found.
5.   Realvues guarantees digital image delivery by midnight the day following the shoot.  All deliveries are via  Client will receive an e-mail with a download link.  It is the Client's responsibility to download, archive, and utilize all images.
6. 7. 8. Realvues guarantees that images will be technically accurate in exposure, white balance, and vertical angle correction.
9.  Realvues agrees to capture an image specifically requested in writing in advance of the shoot.  Unless specifically indicated, Realvues shall have creative discretion, including selecting rooms / areas to photograph, selected angles, and post processing.  Under no circumstances shall Realvues show client all images photographed for selection.  A $50 plus $10 per image fee applies for reshoots, regardless of reason, unless Realvues fails to photograph an image specifically requested in writing in advance of the shoot.

Realvues agrees to reshoot the image(s) in question, not the whole Property again.  If Realvues cannot reshoot the image(s) in question, a $10 per image refund applies up to the total amount paid.   Client forfeits usage of any refunded images.   Client must notify Realvues in writing within 24 hours of receipt of images of a desire to reshoot.   Once Client posts image(s) online, on MLS, or uses the images in any way, Realvues will not issue a refund or reshoot used image(s).

Same-day cancellation incurs a $50 fee.   A return trip for additional shooting incurs a $50 fee plus $10 per delivered image. 

Clients agree that Realvues's total liability is limited to the amount paid.   Disputes shall be resolved in an Oakland County, MI court.








Realvues, LLC

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